Credit Tips

Tip #1  Get A Secured Credit Card

Bad or no credit, a secured credit card can be valuable for someone who wants to fix or establish their credit

Tip #2  Add An Installment Loan

Having different kinds of credit (credit cards and personal loans) and making payments on time will increase your score greatly.

Tip #3  Check Your Limits

Some issuers don't report consumers' credit limit accurately on your report and it might appear that you are overdrawing your credit card.

Tip #4  Pay down Your Credit Card

Lenders like to see a big gap between the amount of credit you're using and your available credit limit. Try keeping your balance below 30

Tip #5  Keep Them Old

The older your credit history is , the better. Keep credit accounts that you've historically paid on time.

Tip #6  Check Your Credit Report Yearly

Mistakes happen, it is likely that your report might have one. Request it once a year for accuracy.

Tip #7  Dispute Old Negatives

Send a letter to the credit bureaus disputing your negative accounts or simply sign up for our credit repair services to save you the hassle of contacting the bureaus.

Tip #8  Request A Quotation Search

Next time you're shopping around for credit, ask the lender for a quotation search. It will not impact your credit score as much as a credit application would.